Some notes on the history of Schools in Kirby Muxloe

Kirby Muxloe Primary School was opened in 1910. The following article was written in 2010 for its centenary.

Before the current school, there had been a National School, which stood at the junction of Ratby Lane and Glenfield Lane.

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National School

The original "National School"

(photo courtesy of John Osband)

Planning for the current Primary School

Kirby Muxloe National School was situated at the corner of Glenfield Lane, in the building which became ‘Parsons Farewell’. It was built in 1858 and by the beginning of the twentieth century it was not big enough for the number of village children.

Leicestershire County Council decided a bigger school was needed.

In October 1908 a plot of land at the corner of Barwell Road and the public footpath was bought for £275.

In January 1909 the sum of £3,290 was allocated for building the new school.

By April 1909 the plans had been drawn up, and detailed instructions were given to the builders. All of the materials were of the best quality. For example the glazier was told that ‘all glass must be free from flaws and defects’. The work of the bricklayers, carpenters, tillers, plasterers, plumbers and painters was to be of similar high standard.

A Bill of Quantities was drawn up, which gives an indication of the planning that took place and the standards that were involved.

£15 was set aside to provide a school garden.

It took slightly less than a year for the school to be built and to be ready for opening.

Opening Ceremony

March 21st 1910

This started with a hymn “ O King of Kings”; the scholars led the singing.

Thomas Cope was Chairman of Leicestershire County Council and of the Education Committee and a very important man, and he was to open the school.

Many other people were present, including the Director of Education, Mr. William Brockington, the managers of the school and Mr. H. Holmes the new headmaster.

Mr Walter Brand, the architect presented Mr. Cope with a sliver key. On one side was engraved Mr. Cope’s Coat of Arms, and on the other “Presented to Alderman Thomas Cope J. P., to open Kirby Muxloe Council School, March 21st 1910, by the architect Walter Brand”.

Mr. Cope made a speech in which he made it clear how important it was for children to learn to read.

He had much pleasure in declaring the school open.

More speeches followed and Mr. William Brockington, the Director of Education, was very keen on the teaching of practical work in schools.

After the ceremony was over, Thomas Cope and the other dignitaries went to Newbold Verdon where they opened another new school.

The New School

4th April 1910

The new school was first opened to pupils on 4th April 1910.

There were 153 pupils on the roll.

The members of staff are as follows. Alongside each is the annual salary.

Mr. Harry Holmes (Headmaster) (£150)

Miss Annie Everard (£90)

Miss Catherine Bradbury (£47½)

Miss Amy Aylward (£40)

Mrs Holmes (£32½)

The Managers of the School:

Mr. Neville D. A. Richardson

Mr. F Islip

Mr. Willey

Mr. Ladkin

Mr. Haines

Rev. G. Postlethwaite (Curate of Kirby Muxloe)


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Author: Glynne Boobyer