Kirby Muxloe Primary School Bill of Quantities

This is a transcription of a document that is still in the possession of Kirby Muxloe Primary School. It shows the preparation in 1909 for the building of the school.

Leicestershire County Council
Education Committee

Specification and Bill of Quantities for the erection of Kirby Muxloe Council School

Walter Brand A.R.I.B.A.
33, Bowling Green Street

Ernest G. Fowler
County Education Office

28th April 1909


Provide Insurance against fire. The sum of £2 to be lodged with the Architect.

Excavation, Concrete, Brickwork and Drainage

Blue bricks , whether common or pressed to be of the best Staffordshire make

All bricks to be well soaked in water before being laid.

Cement to be of the best quality, from an approved maker, and no cement shall be used until approved. The cement shall not weigh less than 112 lb per striked bushel.

The lime to be best quality Barrow on Soar lime from Messrs. Ellis & Sons yard, or other approved maker.

The concrete is to be mixed in the proportion of one of cement, (or lime for lime concrete) to five of ½ ins. seconds granite gravel, all properly gauged and mixed twice when dry and three times when wet.

Cement mortar to be mixed in the proportion of 2 of sand and 1 of lime.


68 yards of “Terrazzo” paving for Cloakrooms at 7/- per yard, to be laid by an approved Firm.

Block flooring

376 yards of block flooring at 5/9d per yard and laid by an approved Firm, in red deal, 100% rift sawn, and specially selected, oven dried, dipped in tar mastic, and bedded in same, and planed off at completion. Price to include screeding up concrete floor and for all cutting and waste.


Provide for heating the sum of £181-0s-0d, and for assistance in fixing smoke pipe etc.


Provide planting of School Garden the sum of £15-0s-0d

No. 7 John Jones patent double seal

manhole covers and frames 22ft x 16ins in clear, when open (catalogue No. 365

Stone work

The stone for dressing to be approved Ketton or Derbyshire.

The Patent Stone to be of Victoria or other approved make.

The York Stone to be ‘Silex’ from Messrs. Farrows quarry or other approved.

Patent Stone

24ft 1ins, 14ft X 6ins steps to gates and boys entrance. £16-10s-11d

Carpenter and Joiner

The whole of the timber to be sound, free from sap, shakes, wavy edges, large loose, or dead knots and all other defects, and to be quite dry and thoroughly seasoned.


567 ft.

Deal case frames, sashes to be double hung, with best flax lines and iron weights.

Provide the sum of £25-0-0 for locks and furniture from Messrs. J. Kaye & Sons, Leeds, and allow for screws and fixing.


50½ squares size.

Best quality “Rex” or other approved tile to cover roof, laid to 3ins lap on 1½ ins. x ¾ ins. lathe, nailed every fifth course with No. 2 strong copper nails to each tile. No half tiles to be used, tile and half to be used for all cutting.

Founder and Smith

Provide the sum of £35-0-0 for front railings and gates, fixed and complete.

Plumber & Glazer

Water service

All pipes and fittings to comply with the Regulations of the Leicester Corporation Water Department.

¾ins lead water service at 11lb per yard, and include all solder joints, and digging, and filling in, and all wall hooks, tacks, etc.


All glass to be free from flaws, waves, or other defects, and to be perfectly white and clear.


Plastering throughout to be executed with Restall & Sons, patent plaster.


Woodwork to be painted, must be primed with white primer before leaving the Joiners Shop.

Each coat to be a distinctly different colour, and no coat is to be put on, until the last coat has been approved.

The Varnish to be of best quality hard copal varnish, not less than two years old, and from an approved maker.

Prepare, and twice whiten ceilings.

Two coats of Halls Sanitary, washable distemper on walls.

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