People and Houses

Name Index for Kirby Muxloe Parish Chest Records

The following name index is for names that appear in County Record Office records starting DE123/

It has been transcribed by members of the Kirby Muxloe Local History Group.

Name indexes have been compiled for DE123/1 - 80. Click on the reference number for a description of the document. Use your browsr "Back" button to return here.

Abell, MrsDE123/62
Adcock, HalfordDE123/65
Adnatt, JDE123/62
Adnutt, JDE123/62
Adnutt, TDE123/62
Adnutt, ThomasDE123/62
Afils?, EdwardDE123/33
Agitt, SamuelDE123/62
Agitt, SamuelDE123/76
Allen, ThomasDE123/62
Alpton, WilliamDE123/73
Alsop, WilliamDE123/76
Armson, HenryDE123/70
Armstrong, JohnDE123/62
Armstrong, LDE123/62
Armstrong, SarahDE123/62
Armstrong, WidowDE123/62
Armstrong, WilliamDE123/62
Arnold, EdwardDE123/18
Ashby, SDE123/76
Ashby, WaringDE123/73
Ashby, WilliamDE123/69
Astell, ThomasDE123/20
Astil, ThomasDE123/22
Astile, JaneDE123/75
Astile, JohnDE123/69
Astile, JohnDE123/75
Astile, PhilipDE123/75
Astill (?), MrDE123/62
Astill, boyDE123/62
Astill, childDE123/62
Astill, IsaacDE123/62
Astill, JohnDE123/66
Astill, JohnDE123/69
Astill, JohnDE123/76
Astill, MariaDE123/62
Astill, PDE123/62
Astill, PhilipDE123/62
Astill, ThomasDE123/62
Astill, ThomasDE123/68
Astill, WidowDE123/62
Astle, JDE123/62
Astle, JaneDE123/62
Astle, JohnDE123/62
Astle, JohnDE123/66
Astle, MrsDE123/62
Astle, PDE123/62
Astle, PhilipDE123/62
Astle, PhillipDE123/62
Astle, wifeDE123/62
Astle, WilliamDE123/62
Astle, WilliamDE123/73
Austin, Webb &DE123/33
Ayre, ThomasDE123/71
Backer, WilliamDE123/67
Bagg, WidowDE123/62
Baker, JosephDE123/69
Baker, WilliamDE123/26
Baker, WilliamDE123/63
Baker, WilliamDE123/67
Baker, WilliamDE123/68
Baker?, JosephDE123/39
Baker?, JosephDE123/40
Baker?, JosephDE123/45
Ball, FrancisDE123/73
Ballard, ThomasDE123/70
Bamish, JobDE123/66
Barker, ADE123/54
Barker, ADE123/58
Barker, NDE123/53
Barker, NDE123/56
Barker, NDE123/57
Barlow, WilliamDE123/62
Barnaby (?), ThomasDE123/66
Barnaby (?), ThomasDE123/75
Barnaby, BeaumontDE123/73
Barnaby, MDE123/74
Barnaby, MrDE123/62
Barnaby, RDE123/72
Barnaby, ThomasDE123/72
Barnaby, WDE123/62
Barston, BDE123/18
Barston, Cort, Cort &DE123/18
Barston, Cort, Cort &DE123/19
Barston, Cort, Cort &DE123/20
Basliy (?), WilliamDE123/62
Bates, AliceDE123/76
Bates, AnnDE123/18
Bates, HannahDE123/76
Bates, JDE123/62
Bates, JaneDE123/62
Bates, JaneDE123/76
Bates, JohnDE123/18
Bates, JohnDE123/62
Bates, JohnDE123/76
Bates, ThomasDE123/62
Bates, ThomasDE123/76
Bates, WidowDE123/62
Bates, WidowDE123/64
Bates, WilliamDE123/76
Battes, ThomasDE123/62
Baul, ElizabethDE123/73
Baul, JosephDE123/73
Beak?, HDE123/23
Beale, GeorgeDE123/67
Beale, RichardDE123/73
Beale, WilliamDE123/67
Beamish, JobDE123/66
Beaumont, JamesDE123/51
Beaumont, JamesDE123/69
Beaumont, MrDE123/22
Beaumont, MrDE123/23
Beaumont, ThomasDE123/63
Beaumont, ThomasDE123/67
Beaumont, ThomasDE123/68
Beaumont, ThomasDE123/69
Beaumont, WDE123/24
Beaumont, WilliamDE123/68
Beaumount, Rev WDE123/62
Bemont, MrDE123/19
Beniti (?), C.J.DE123/66
Bennett, EDE123/68
Bennett, EdwardDE123/67
Bennett, EdwardDE123/68
Bennett, EdwardDE123/69
Bennett, ElizabethDE123/68
Bennett, ElizabethDE123/69
Bennett, JohnDE123/62
Bennett, JohnDE123/67
Bennett, JohnDE123/68
Bennett, JohnDE123/69
Bennett, MissesDE123/67
Bennett, MrDE123/62
Bennett, MrsDE123/68
Bennett, Mrs EDE123/68
Bennett, SarahDE123/67
Bennett, SarahDE123/68
Bennett, SarahDE123/69
Bennett, TDE123/62
Bennett, ThomasDE123/62
Bennett, ThomasDE123/66
Bennett, ThomasDE123/71
Bennett, ThomasDE123/72
Bennett, ThomasDE123/75
Bennett, ThomasDE123/76
Bennett, WilliamDE123/62
Bennett, WilliamDE123/66
Bennett, WilliamDE123/69
Bennie, Rev.DE123/59
Bennie?, James ADE123/53
Bennie?, MrsDE123/59
Bennie?, Rev. J NDE123/54
Bentley(?), WilliamDE123/70
Bentley, SDE123/54
Bentley, SDE123/56
Bentley, SDE123/57
Beresford, GilbertDE123/66
Betton, SamuelDE123/71
Betts, N ADE123/54
Betts, N ADE123/56
Biddle, JDE123/62
Biddle, JohnDE123/62
Biddle, JoshuaDE123/62
Biddle, JoshuaDE123/76
Biddle, MrDE123/62
Biggs, AnnDE123/62
Biggs, JamesDE123/73
Biggs, JohnDE123/76
Biggs, MaryDE123/71
Biggs, SamuelDE123/53
Biggs, WidowDE123/62
Biggs, WilliamDE123/62
Biggs, WilliamDE123/79
Billing, JohnDE123/73
Billson, WilliamDE123/60
Bingley, JamesDE123/73
Birch, Rev HDE123/68
Birch, Rev WDE123/68
Bishop, AnnDE123/74
Bishop, JamesDE123/62
Bishop, JamesDE123/74
Bishop, JamesDE123/76
Bishop, MaryDE123/74
Bishop, SarahDE123/74
Bishop, WilliamDE123/62
Bisship, JamesDE123/62
Bithrey, W SilvesterDE123/38
Bixre (?), BeauDE123/71
Black, FrancesDE123/73
Black, HannahDE123/73
Black, WilliamDE123/73
Blockley, Ch ?DE123/33
Bolton, RichardDE123/73
Booth, JDE123/21
Boothby, C (?)DE123/73
Boott, EdwardDE123/62
Bosworth, MrDE123/20
Bosworth, MrDE123/21
Bott, EDE123/62
Bott, EdwardDE123/62
Bott, RobertDE123/62
Bott, WidowDE123/62
Boulter, GeorgeDE123/73
Bown, JosephDE123/67
Bradbury, NellieDE123/56
Bradbury, ThomasDE123/56
Bradbury, ThomasDE123/67
Bradbury, ThomasDE123/68
Bradbury, ThomasDE123/69
Bradbury, WDE123/50
Bradbury, WDE123/61
Bradbury, WilliamDE123/67
Bradbury, WilliamDE123/68
Bradbury, William junrDE123/69
Bradbury, William senrDE123/69
Bradhirst, JohnDE123/68
Bradhurst, JohnDE123/68
Bradley & HookDE123/29
Bradley, EdwardDE123/73
Bradley, Mary (?)DE123/73
Bradley, VincentDE123/28
Bradley, VincentDE123/29
Bradley, WDE123/29
Bradley, WilliamDE123/78
Bradshaw, TDE123/20
Bramley, W FDE123/31
Bramley, W FDE123/35
Bramley, W FDE123/36
Bramley, W FDE123/37
Bream, J NDE123/58
Bream, WilliamDE123/58
Brewin, JohnDE123/66
Brewin, MrDE123/19
Brewin, MrDE123/62
Brewin, SamDE123/68
Brewin, SamuelDE123/62
Brewin, SamuelDE123/63
Brewin, SamuelDE123/66
Brewin, SamuelDE123/67
Brewin, SamuelDE123/68
Brewin, SarahDE123/68
Brewin, WDE123/58
Briers (?), BeauDE123/71
Brigstock, JDE123/50
Brigstock, RichardDE123/50
Brinnaby, VDE123/68
Broadbent & HawleyDE123/29
Broadhurst, JamesDE123/68
Broadhurst, JohnDE123/67
Broadhurst, JohnDE123/68
Browett, EDE123/39
Browett, Thomas EDE123/44
Browett, Thomas EDE123/53
Brown, Clark & MorrisDE123/57
Brown, JohnDE123/62
Brown, JosephDE123/67
Brown, RichardDE123/76
Brown, RobertDE123/69
Brown, ThomasDE123/73
Bruce, JohnDE123/62
Bruce, JohnDE123/66
Bruce, WilliamDE123/66
Bull, ADE123/58
Bull, A JDE123/59
Bunerby, MrDE123/62
Burbender?, MrDE123/59
Burdett, TDE123/58
Burfoot?, MrDE123/54
Burgin, Rev RobyDE123/69
Burgin, RobyDE123/67
Burgin, RobyDE123/68
Burleton, WillDE123/74
Burnaby, MDE123/76
Burnaby, MrDE123/62
Burnaby, RobertDE123/77
Burnaby, ThomasDE123/76
Burney, MrDE123/62
Burns, WilliamDE123/59
Burtle, JohnDE123/69
Burton, HenryDE123/73
Burton, RobertDE123/73
Burton, SamuelDE123/67
Burton, SamuelDE123/68
Burton, SamuelDE123/69
Burton?, MrDE123/55
Buswell, ElizabethDE123/71
Calladine (Castledine ?), JosephDE123/62
Calpas, HDE123/61
Calvert, JosephDE123/62
Calvert, wifeDE123/62
Camp (?), SDE123/66
Cantrell, JosephDE123/68
Cantriel, JosephDE123/68
Cantrile, JosephDE123/68
Cardale, MrDE123/62
Carlton, GDE123/73
Carlyon, Rev T SDE123/67
Carlyon, Rev T SDE123/69
Carn?, NDE123/27
Carpendale, MrDE123/60
Carpendale?, MrDE123/59
Carr(?), Nathaniel (?)DE123/70
Carr, RDE123/62
Cart, NathanielDE123/71
Carter, AnnDE123/20
Carter, AnnDE123/68
Carter, GeorgeDE123/62
Carter, girlDE123/64
Carter, John EdwardDE123/73
Carter, John EdwardDE123/78
Carter, MatildaDE123/74
Carter, MrDE123/62
Carter, NancyDE123/63
Carver, AnnDE123/66
Carver, GeorgeDE123/69
Carver, JohnDE123/69
Carver, MrDE123/62
Carver, RDE123/61
Carver, RDE123/62
Carver, RobertDE123/62
Carver, RobertDE123/66
Carver, RobertDE123/67
Carver, RobertDE123/68
Carver, RobertDE123/76
Carver, WDE123/65
Carver, WilliamDE123/62
Carver, WilliamDE123/66
Carver, WilliamDE123/67
Carver, WilliamDE123/68
Carver, WilliamDE123/69
Carver?, AlbertDE123/50
Castledine, JosephDE123/62
Castledine, WidowDE123/62
Castleldine, AnnDE123/62
Castleldine, JosephDE123/62
Castleldine, TDE123/62
Castleldine, WidowDE123/62
Catlin, RichardDE123/30
Catlin, RichardDE123/33
Challis, Lane &DE123/56
Challis, Lane &DE123/57
Challis, Lane &DE123/58
Challis, Lane &DE123/59
Challis, Lane &DE123/60
Chamberlain, WilliamDE123/76
Chaplin, WilliamDE123/66
Chaplin, WilliamDE123/67
Chaplin, WilliamDE123/68
Chaplin, WilliamDE123/69
Chapman, AliceDE123/62
Chapman, AnnDE123/62
Chapman, JDE123/62
Chapman, JamesDE123/62
Chapman, JamesDE123/67
Chapman, JamesDE123/68
Chapman, JamesDE123/69
Chapman, JohnDE123/62
Chapman, JohnDE123/63
Chapman, JohnDE123/66
Chapman, JohnDE123/73
Chapman, MarthaDE123/62
Chapman, MaryDE123/62
Chapman, MaryDE123/73
Chapman, N?DE123/62
Chapman, ThomasDE123/62
Chapman, WilliamDE123/62
Charlesworth, H GDE123/25
Charlesworth, H GDE123/26
Chell (?), JDE123/62
Chellish, ElizabethDE123/76
Cheshire (?), HannahDE123/74
Cheshire, HannahDE123/62
Chessher, HannahDE123/74
Chesteron, JohnDE123/62
Chesterson, EdwardDE123/66
Chesterson, JohnDE123/19
Chesterson, JohnDE123/20
Chesterton, DollyDE123/62
Chesterton, EDE123/26
Chesterton, EDE123/61
Chesterton, EDE123/62
Chesterton, EDE123/67
Chesterton, Edw?DE123/50
Chesterton, EdwardDE123/29
Chesterton, EdwardDE123/30
Chesterton, EdwardDE123/31
Chesterton, EdwardDE123/32
Chesterton, EdwardDE123/33
Chesterton, EdwardDE123/34
Chesterton, EdwardDE123/35
Chesterton, EdwardDE123/36
Chesterton, EdwardDE123/37
Chesterton, EdwardDE123/38
Chesterton, EdwardDE123/40
Chesterton, EdwardDE123/41
Chesterton, EdwardDE123/42
Chesterton, EdwardDE123/43
Chesterton, EdwardDE123/44
Chesterton, EdwardDE123/46
Chesterton, EdwardDE123/47
Chesterton, EdwardDE123/48
Chesterton, EdwardDE123/49
Chesterton, EdwardDE123/50
Chesterton, EdwardDE123/51
Chesterton, EdwardDE123/62
Chesterton, EdwardDE123/66
Chesterton, EdwardDE123/67
Chesterton, EdwardDE123/68
Chesterton, EdwardDE123/69
Chesterton, JDE123/61
Chesterton, JDE123/62
Chesterton, JDE123/67
Chesterton, J (the late)DE123/27
Chesterton, JohnDE123/18
Chesterton, JohnDE123/22
Chesterton, JohnDE123/23
Chesterton, JohnDE123/24
Chesterton, JohnDE123/25
Chesterton, JohnDE123/52
Chesterton, JohnDE123/53
Chesterton, JohnDE123/54
Chesterton, JohnDE123/55
Chesterton, JohnDE123/56
Chesterton, JohnDE123/58
Chesterton, JohnDE123/59
Chesterton, JohnDE123/60
Chesterton, JohnDE123/62
Chesterton, JohnDE123/66
Chesterton, JohnDE123/67
Chesterton, JohnDE123/68
Chesterton, JohnDE123/69
Chesterton, MrDE123/31
Chesterton, MrDE123/38
Chesterton, the late EdwardDE123/52
Chettle, RobDE123/76
Chorner, AnnDE123/73
Chorner, AnnDE123/74
Chufflin, WilliamDE123/66
Clark(?), Thomas (?)DE123/70
Clark, AnnDE123/71
Clark, JohnDE123/70
Clark, WilliamDE123/70
Clarke & HodgsonDE123/59
Clarke, A SDE123/60
Clarke, Richard JDE123/48
Clarke, Richard JDE123/54
Clarke, SamuelDE123/54
Clarke, WilliamDE123/76
Clayton, WilliamDE123/77
Cobson, WilliamDE123/67
Cobson, WilliamDE123/68
Cockrell, WilliamDE123/67
Colmer, JDE123/62
Colpas, “young”DE123/53
Colpas, HarryDE123/50
Colpas, JamesDE123/69
Colpas, JonasDE123/69
Colver, childDE123/62
Colver, JDE123/62
Colver, JosephDE123/62
Colvert, JosephDE123/62
Compton, RobertDE123/67
Compton, RobertDE123/68
Connor, WilliamDE123/48
Connor, WilliamDE123/51
Connor, WilliamDE123/53
Cook, JDE123/62
Cook, MrDE123/62
Cooke, JohnDE123/69
Cooke, RDE123/76
Cooper, RDE123/26
Cooper, WilliamDE123/76
Copeland, ThomasDE123/76
Copheland (?)DE123/62
Copson, WilliamDE123/69
Cort & CoDE123/22
Cort & CoDE123/24
Cort & CoDE123/25
Cort & CoDE123/25
Cort & PaulDE123/48
Cort & PaulDE123/50
Cort & PaulDE123/58
Cort & PaulDE123/59
Cort & PaulDE123/60
Cort, Cort & BarstonDE123/18
Cort, Cort & BarstonDE123/19
Cort, Cort & BarstonDE123/20
Cort, Law & CoDE123/26
Cort, Law & CoDE123/27
Coulton, GDE123/73
Coulton, GDE123/74
Coulton, GDE123/76
Coupland, WilliamDE123/62
Cox & SonsDE123/51
Craddock, EdwardDE123/76
Craddock, JosephDE123/71
Cramp (?), EDE123/66
Cramp, GabrielDE123/73
Cramp, GabrielDE123/76
Cramp, HenryDE123/62
Cramp, HenryDE123/66
Cramp, HenryDE123/75
Cramp, HenryDE123/76
Cramp, Jon.DE123/66
Cramp, JonathanDE123/62
Cramp, JonathanDE123/66
Cramp, MrDE123/62
Cramp, ThomasDE123/76
Craozoff, WilliamDE123/76
Crase, JohnDE123/62
Creacraft, MaryDE123/62
Crecraft, WilliamDE123/62
Crecroft, wifeDE123/62
Crecroft, WilliamDE123/62
Crompton (?), RDE123/63
Crosfield, RDE123/47
Crosfield, RichardDE123/48
Crosfield, RichardDE123/49
Crosfield, RichardDE123/69
Crosher, WilliamDE123/67
Crosher, WilliamDE123/68
Crosher, WilliamDE123/69
Crossley and ClarkeDE123/54
Crothaw, FDE123/45
Cudford, RDE123/72
Cuff, MrDE123/62
Cufflin, MrDE123/22
Cufflin, MrDE123/23
Cufflin, ThomasDE123/22
Cufflin, ThomasDE123/25
Cufflin, ThomasDE123/26
Cufflin, ThomasDE123/27
Cufflin, ThomasDE123/63
Cufflin, ThomasDE123/67
Cufflin, ThomasDE123/68
Cufflin, ThomasDE123/69
Cufflin, Thomas junrDE123/67
Cufflin, Thomas junrDE123/68
Cufflin, Thomas senrDE123/67
Cufflin, Thomas senrDE123/68
Cufflin, WilliamDE123/66
Cuffling, MrDE123/22
D????, EdwardDE123/71
d’Skrosby (?), WilliamDE123/73
Dains (?), MrDE123/62
Dale, JohnDE123/76
Dalton, J EDE123/69
Davis, MrDE123/62
Daws, ThomasDE123/73
Dawson, JohnDE123/76
Deacon, FDE123/57
Deacon, SDE123/52
Deale, WilliamDE123/76
Dewole, GeorgeDE123/76
Dixie (?), WDE123/73
Dixie, ADE123/62
Doily, SgtDE123/68
Donner, WilliamDE123/26
Dormer, JDE123/49
Dowel, MrsDE123/62
Dowel, WidowDE123/62
Dowel, wifeDE123/62
Dowel, WilliamDE123/62
Dowell, GeorgeDE123/62
Dowell, WidowDE123/62
Dowell, WilliamDE123/62
Dowole, GeorgeDE123/75
Dowole, TabithaDE123/75
Dowole, WilliamDE123/75
Doyle, SgtDE123/67
Doyley, SgtDE123/67
Doyley, SgtDE123/68
Doyly, SgtDE123/68
Draycott, MrDE123/62
Draycott, WDE123/66
Draycott, WilliamDE123/62
Draycott, WilliamDE123/66
Draycott, WilliamDE123/71
Draycott, WilliamDE123/72
Draycott, WilliamDE123/75
Draycott, WilliamDE123/76
Dudley, JohnDE123/74
Dudley, JohnDE123/75
Dudley, JohnDE123/76
Dudley, WillDE123/73
Dyke, JDE123/62
Dyler (?), JDE123/62
Dylke, JDE123/62
Dylkes, JDE123/62
Dyson (?), W RDE123/66
Dyson, W RDE123/66
Dythe (?), HDE123/74
Earl, WilliamDE123/68
Eden, WilliamDE123/62
Elgood, J CDE123/51
Elgood, J CDE123/53
Elgood, Rev J CDE123/54
Elgood, Rev?DE123/52
Ellis, JamesDE123/29
Ellis, JamesDE123/69
Ellis, JosephDE123/29
Ellis, JosephDE123/30
Ellis, JosephDE123/31
Ellis, JosephDE123/32
Ellis, JosephDE123/33
Ellis, JosephDE123/34
Ellis, JosephDE123/35
Ellis, JosephDE123/36
Ellis, JosephDE123/37
Ellis, JosephDE123/38
Ellis, JosephDE123/39
Ellis, JosephDE123/40
Ellis, JosephDE123/41
Ellis, JosephDE123/42
Ellis, JosephDE123/43
Ellis, JosephDE123/44
Ellis, JosephDE123/45
Ellis, JosephDE123/47
Ellis, JosephDE123/48
Ellis, JosephDE123/49
Ellis, JosephDE123/50
Ellis, JosephDE123/51
Ellis, JosephDE123/51
Ellis, JosephDE123/52
Ellis, JosephDE123/53
Ellis, JosephDE123/54
Ellis, JosephDE123/56
Ellis, JosephDE123/57
Ellis, JosephDE123/58
Ellis, JosephDE123/59
Ellis, JosephDE123/60
Ellis, JosephDE123/67
Ellis, ThomasDE123/67
Ellis, ThomasDE123/68
Elton, RichardDE123/21
Everard, RichardDE123/79
Ewer& Co, NovelloDE123/60
Extre (?)DE123/62
Falkner, AnnDE123/62
Farmer, JamesDE123/76
Farmer, ThomasDE123/76
Farnham, JohnDE123/76
Farryer (?), WilliamDE123/66
Faulknall, ThomasDE123/62
Faulknall, WidowDE123/68
Fell, RobertDE123/62
Fell, TDE123/62
Fern, Lindley &DE123/28
Findley, GDE123/56
Firn, JohnDE123/44
Firn, Lindley &DE123/35
Firn, Lindley &DE123/37
Fleming, JDE123/62
Fleming, J.B.DE123/63
Fleming, J.M.DE123/63
Fleming, S.M.DE123/63
Flook, JohnDE123/68
Flude, CatherineDE123/67
Flude, DanielDE123/62
Flude, DanielDE123/67
Flude, DanielDE123/68
Flude, DanielDE123/69
Flude, WidowDE123/67
Flude, widow WilliamDE123/68
Flude, WilliamDE123/62
Flude, WilliamDE123/66
Flude, WilliamDE123/68
Flude, WilliamDE123/69
Flude, William jnrDE123/62
Ford, MrDE123/62
Foreman, SamuelDE123/73
Foreman, SamuelDE123/76
Forknall, ThomasDE123/68
Forman, CDE123/62
Forman, ElizabethDE123/74
Forman, JohnDE123/72
Forman, JohnDE123/74
Forman, JosephDE123/76
Forman, MrDE123/62
Forman, RDE123/62
Forman, RobertDE123/62
Forman, RobertDE123/72
Forman, SamuelDE123/70
Forman, SamuelDE123/73
Forman, SamuelDE123/76
Forman, WidowDE123/62
Fox, JDE123/62
Foxon, James TDE123/56
Freeman, HenryDE123/69
Freer, MrDE123/62
Freeth, GeorgeDE123/69
Frint(?), JohnDE123/70
Frith, WDE123/68
Frith, WilliamDE123/67
Frith, WilliamDE123/68
Froon(?), JohnDE123/70
Gamble, ElizabethDE123/62
Gamble, ElizabethDE123/74
Gamble, JDE123/57
Garratt, MaryDE123/76
Garves, MrDE123/62
Garvies, MrDE123/62
Garvis, MrDE123/62
Gaskin, SamuelDE123/76
Gaskin, ThomasDE123/76
Gaskin, WilliamDE123/76
Gates, H PDE123/33
Gates, H PDE123/42
Gates, Henry PearsonDE123/48
Gates, Henry PearsonDE123/51
Gates, Henry PearsonDE123/53
Gates, WDE123/33
Gates, W BDE123/33
Geary, EdwardDE123/62
Geary, GeorgeDE123/73
Geary, JamesDE123/62
Geary, PDE123/62
Gibbons, George & CoDE123/57
Gibson, BenjaminDE123/76
Gibson, RobertDE123/39
Gilbert, MrDE123/18
Gilbert, MrDE123/62
Gilbert, MrDE123/66
Gilbert, ThomasDE123/62
Gilbert, ThomasDE123/66
Gilbert, ThomasDE123/73
Gilbert, ThomasDE123/75
Gilbert, ThomasDE123/76
Gilbert, ThomasDE123/78
Giles, T PDE123/27
Gill, G HDE123/67
Gill, G WDE123/67
Gill, GeorgeDE123/69
Gill, GWDE123/68
Gillist, MrDE123/66
Gimson, WilliamDE123/59
Gladway (?), W.W.DE123/63
Glasgow & PlowmanDE123/52
Glasgow & PlowmanDE123/53
Gleepway (?), W.W.DE123/63
Glenfield, Rector ofDE123/69
Glover, EdwardDE123/73
Glover, ElizabethDE123/71
Glover, ElizabethDE123/73
Glover, MDE123/35
Gobart, NDE123/62
Goddard, HenryDE123/28
Goddard, HenryDE123/29
Goddard, JohnathanDE123/65
Goddard, JonathanDE123/62
Goddard, MrDE123/30
Goode, JamesDE123/66
Goode, JamesDE123/67
Goode, JamesDE123/68
Goode, JamesDE123/69
Goode, JohnDE123/62
Goode, JohnDE123/74
Goode, MrDE123/54
Goode, MrDE123/66
Goode, WilliamDE123/62
Goode, WilliamDE123/72
Goode, WilliamDE123/76
Goode, WilliamDE123/77
Goodrith, JosephDE123/71
Goodwin, MrDE123/54
Goodwin, WalterDE123/54
Gould, Mr.DE123/70
Granby (?), JDE123/62
Granby (?), PDE123/62
Grant, JDE123/36
Grant, JDE123/37
Grant, JDE123/39
Grant, JDE123/41
Grant, JDE123/42
Grant, JDE123/43
Grant, JDE123/44
Grant, JDE123/45
Grant, JDE123/47
Grant, JDE123/54
Grant, J ADE123/30
Grant, J ADE123/31
Grant, J ADE123/32
Grant, J ADE123/35
Grant, J juniorDE123/43
Grant, JobDE123/67
Grant, JobDE123/69
Gray, BenjaminDE123/62
Greatorex, SamuelDE123/72
Greaves, JDE123/76
Greaves, ThomasDE123/77
Green, JosephDE123/67
Green, JosephDE123/68
Green, JosephDE123/69
Green, MatthewDE123/62
Green, MatthewDE123/76
Greene, HenryDE123/77
Greene, JosephDE123/67
Greenway, HDE123/62
Grundy, JDE123/68
Grundy, JoshuaDE123/66
Grundy, JoshuaDE123/68
Grundy, MrDE123/66
Grundy, MrsDE123/67
Grundy, MrsDE123/68
Gun, JonahDE123/68
Gunn, AnnDE123/69
Gunn, BenjaminDE123/67
Gunn, BenjaminDE123/69
Gunn, JonahDE123/67
Gunn, JonahDE123/68
Gunn, JosephDE123/68
Gutheridge, HenryDE123/73
Gutteridge, FrankDE123/69
Guttridge, MrDE123/62
Hack, AbrahamDE123/73
Hadfield, JDE123/35
Hadgen?, John JDE123/54
Hale, GeorgeDE123/68
Halford, EDE123/67
Halford, EDE123/68
Halford, ElizabethDE123/67
Halford, J TDE123/57
Halford, SDE123/67
Halfour, EDE123/67
Hall, ChrDE123/76
Hall, GeorgeDE123/63
Hall, GeorgeDE123/67
Hall, GeorgeDE123/68
Hall, JohnDE123/62
Hall, JohnDE123/66
Hall, Mr.DE123/63
Hall, RebeccaDE123/62
Hall, RobertDE123/62
Hall, WidowDE123/62
Hallam, JamesDE123/76
Halse, HenryDE123/62
Halse, M WDE123/66
Hames, FrancisDE123/53
Handforth, JDE123/38
Hardy, (?)DE123/62
Hardy, ElizabethDE123/62
Hardy, GDE123/62
Hardy, JDE123/62
Hardy, JohnDE123/62
Hardy, RDE123/62
Hardy, RichardDE123/62
Hardy, WDE123/64
Hardy, WidowDE123/62
Hardy, WidowDE123/64
Hardy, WidowDE123/67
Hardy, WilliamDE123/62
Hardy, WilliamDE123/68
Hardy, WilliamDE123/69
Hardy, William junrDE123/67
Hardy, William junrDE123/68
Hardy, William senrDE123/67
Hardy, William senrDE123/68
Harford, ElizabethDE123/67
Harig (?)DE123/66
Harrinson, JosephDE123/67
Harris, JosephDE123/63
Harris, WilliamDE123/62
Harrison (?), WilliamDE123/66
Harrison, DrDE123/62
Harrison, IsaacDE123/39
Harrison, JDE123/28
Harrison, JarradDE123/50
Harrison, JosephDE123/63
Harrison, JosephDE123/67
Harrison, JosephDE123/68
Harrison, M ADE123/57
Harrison, MrDE123/66
Harrison, Mr.DE123/63
Harrison, SamuelDE123/47
Harrison, SamuelDE123/48
Harrison, SamuelDE123/49
Harrison, SamuelDE123/50
Harrison, SamuelDE123/57
Harrison, WilliamDE123/66
Hartall, MrsDE123/66
Hasall, MrDE123/62
Hass, GDE123/62
Hassall, JohnDE123/62
Hassall, JohnDE123/66
Hassall, MrDE123/62
Hassall, WilliamDE123/66
Hassell, JohnDE123/69
Hatfield, RobertDE123/73
Hawley, Broadbent &DE123/29
Hay, MrDE123/62
Hay, ThomasDE123/66
Haynes, WilliamDE123/39
Heal?, WilliamDE123/29
Heatley(?), WilliamDE123/70
Hendyon (?), JDE123/18
Henworth, Joseph junrDE123/76
Herrick, WilliamDE123/78
Hesilrige, ADE123/76
Hesilrige, ArthurDE123/77
Hesilrigg, ADE123/73
Hestin, ThomasDE123/73
Heston (?), E MDE123/19
Hextall, AnnDE123/66
Hextall, EdwardDE123/66
Heyrick, N (?)DE123/63
Heyrick, WDE123/74
Hickoch(?), Mr.DE123/70
Higgins, JDE123/20
Higginson & ShawDE123/33
Higginson, CharlesDE123/33
Hill, HenryDE123/69
Hill, JohnDE123/66
Hill, ThomasDE123/73
Hind, GeorgeDE123/21
Hind, GeorgeDE123/22
Hingsby, AmiDE123/62
Hinton, CarlineDE123/68
Hinton, MrDE123/62
Hird(?), Mr.DE123/70
Hitchcock, HenryDE123/79
Hitchcock, WilliamDE123/67
Hodgson, Clarke &DE123/59
Hodgson, IsaacDE123/72
Hodgson, JDE123/68
Holland, HDE123/57
Holland, MrDE123/62
Holland, ThomasDE123/65
Hollingwish?, WDE123/48
Holmes, JamesDE123/69
Holmes, JohnDE123/62
Hook, Bradley &DE123/29
Hook, EDE123/62
Hook, EDE123/68
Hook, EdwardDE123/63
Hook, EdwardDE123/67
Hook, EdwardDE123/68
Hook, Edward (?)DE123/62
Hook, JDE123/20
Hook, JohnDE123/68
Hook, MrDE123/18
Hook, MrDE123/28
Hook, MrDE123/29
Hook, MrDE123/62
Hook, NathanialDE123/62
Hook, NathanielDE123/62
Hook, NathanielDE123/66
Hook, NathanielDE123/75
Hook, NathanielDE123/76
Hook, PDE123/28
Hook, TDE123/62
Hook, ThomasDE123/66
Hook, WDE123/66
Hooke, EdwardDE123/67
Hooke, EdwardDE123/68
Hooke, EdwardDE123/76
Hooke, JohnDE123/28
Hooke, JohnDE123/67
Hooke, JohnDE123/68
Hooke, JohnDE123/69
Hooke, MrDE123/21
Hooke, MrDE123/28
Hooke, NathanielDE123/62
Hooke, NathanielDE123/66
Hooke, NathanielDE123/76
Hooke, NathanielDE123/78
Hooke, ThomasDE123/66
Hooker, JohnDE123/67
Hopkin, RichardDE123/66
Hopkins, boyDE123/64
Hopkinson, JohnDE123/62
Hopkinson, JonathanDE123/62
Hopkinson, JosephDE123/62
Hopkinson, MissesDE123/67
Hopkinson, RDE123/62
Hopkinson, RichardDE123/62
Hopkinson, RichardDE123/66
Hopkinson, SarahDE123/62
Hopkinson, SarahDE123/68
Hopkinson, ThomasDE123/62
Hopkinson, ThomasDE123/69
Hopkinson, WidowDE123/62
Hopkinson, WilliamDE123/67
Horton, JosephDE123/71
Hoskins, HenryDE123/67
Hoskins?, C L WDE123/60
Hoskyns, HenryDE123/69
Houstin, PhilipDE123/62
Howlott, Joseph (?)DE123/18
Hudson, MrDE123/62
Hudson, WilliamDE123/67
Hudson, WilliamDE123/68
Hudson, WilliamDE123/69
Huford?, MrDE123/54
Hugglestone, WilliamDE123/67
Hull, HenryDE123/69
Hulse, HenryDE123/62
Hulse, HenryDE123/66
Hulse, HenryDE123/72
Hulse, HenryDE123/75
Hulse, HenryDE123/76
Hulse, MrDE123/62
Hulse, MrDE123/66
Hulse, MrsDE123/66
Hulse, SarahDE123/66
Humphrey & StrettonDE123/59
Humphrey, MrDE123/58
Humphrey, W HDE123/59
Humphries, MrDE123/59
Hunt & PickeringDE123/38
Hunt(?), WilliamDE123/70
Hunt, JohnDE123/73
Hunt, MrDE123/62
Hunt, SarahDE123/49
Hunt, SarahDE123/49
Hunt, ThomasDE123/73
Hurot, H RDE123/69
Hurst, HDE123/67
Hurst, HRDE123/69
Hurst, ThomasDE123/66
Hurst, WilliamDE123/76
Hutchinson, CharlesDE123/69
Hutchinson, EDE123/62
Hutchinson, ElizabethDE123/62
Hutchinson, JDE123/62
Hutchinson, JamesDE123/62
Hutchinson, JamesDE123/67
Hutchinson, JamesDE123/68
Hutchinson, JamesDE123/69
Hutchinson, JohnDE123/62
Hutchinson, RobertDE123/62
Hutchinson, RobertDE123/67
Hutchinson, RobertDE123/68
Hutchinson, RobertDE123/69
Hutchinson, RobertDE123/80
Hutchinson, TDE123/61
Hutchinson, ThomasDE123/62
Hutchinson, ThomasDE123/67
Hutchinson, ThomasDE123/68
Hutchinson, ThomasDE123/69
Hutchinson, WidowDE123/62
Hylton, WilliamDE123/20
Hytton?, WilliamDE123/32
Ingram, ThomasDE123/63
Ingram, Thomas jnr.DE123/63
Jackson, B HenryDE123/39
Jackson, B HenryDE123/40
Jackson, GDE123/63
Jackson, John & SonsDE123/39
Jackson, John & SonsDE123/40
Jacques, RDE123/53
Jacques, R & SonDE123/54
Jacques, R & SonDE123/56
Jacques, R & SonDE123/57
Jacques, R & SonDE123/58
Jacques, R & SonDE123/59
James, LDE123/67
James, MrDE123/62
James, RebeccaDE123/38
James, Simpkin &DE123/60
Jarvis, MrDE123/62
Jarvis, WilliamDE123/62
Jarvis, WilliamDE123/65
Jelly, WilliamDE123/23
Jervis, MrDE123/62
Jimson (?), SarahDE123/62
Johnson, JamesDE123/62
Johnson, JamesDE123/73
Johnson, JohnDE123/67
Johnson, JohnDE123/68
Johnson, JohnDE123/69
Johnson, ThomasDE123/29
Johnson, ThomasDE123/33
Johnson, Thomas & SonDE123/39
Jones & WillisDE123/59
Jones, JohnDE123/70
Jones, ThomasDE123/37
Jones, ThomasDE123/67
Jones, ThomasDE123/68
Jones, ThomasDE123/69
Jones, W EDE123/34
Jorain, ThomasDE123/71
Jord???, ThomasDE123/71
Jordan, JohnDE123/62
Jordan, MaryDE123/62
Jordan, SamDE123/76
Jordan, WidowDE123/62
Jordan, WilliamDE123/63
Jordan, WilliamDE123/66
Jordan, WilliamDE123/72
Jordan, William jnr.DE123/63
Jordin, JohnDE123/62
Joyce, ErnestDE123/50
Joyce, JDE123/61
Joyce, JosephDE123/50
Joyce, WDE123/61
Jr, John HeyrickDE123/76
Jr, R CookeDE123/76
Keen, WilliamDE123/62
Kemp (?)DE123/66
Kendall, MDE123/62
Kendall, MaryDE123/62
Kenney, JohnDE123/26
Kettle, SamuelDE123/73
Kettle, WilliamDE123/73
King, AnnDE123/66
King, JDE123/66
King, JDE123/67
King, JDE123/68
King, JDE123/69
King, JDE123/72
King, JDE123/74
King, Mr.DE123/70
King, WilliamDE123/66
Kingston, HannahDE123/62
Kingstone, HannaDE123/62
Kinley (?)DE123/65
Kinton, CarolineDE123/68
Kinton, CarolynDE123/68
Kinton, JDE123/20
Kinton, JDE123/21
Kinton, JDE123/23
Kinton, JamesDE123/18
Kinton, JamesDE123/62
Kinton, JamesDE123/66
Kirk, WilliamDE123/73
Knight, DDE123/21
Knight, JDE123/69
Knott, AnnDE123/77
Knott, WilliamDE123/62
Knott, WilliamDE123/76
Kork(?), JohnDE123/70
Ladkin, JohnDE123/67
Ladkin, JohnDE123/68
Ladkin, JonathanDE123/67
Lafarghe, P ADE123/75
Lafarghe, P ADE123/76
Lafargue (?), B.S.DE123/66
Lane & ChallisDE123/56
Lane & ChallisDE123/57
Lane & ChallisDE123/58
Lane & ChallisDE123/59
Lane & ChallisDE123/60
Latkin, JohnDE123/67
Latlow (?), TDE123/18
Law, Cort & CoDE123/26
Law, Cort & CoDE123/27
Lea, JohnDE123/67
Lea, JohnDE123/68
Leak, WilliamDE123/68
Leake, DDE123/35
Lee, JohnDE123/63
Lee, JohnDE123/67
Lee, JohnDE123/68
Lee, JohnDE123/69
Lee, JSDE123/76
Lee, ThomasDE123/47
Lee, WilliamDE123/71
Leeson, MatthewDE123/32
Len, ThomasDE123/73
Lenard, MrsDE123/59
Lennard, JDE123/56
Lennard, JohnDE123/57
Leonard / Lennard, MrDE123/56
Leonard / Lennard, MrDE123/57
Liggins, WilliamDE123/68
Lindley & FernDE123/28
Lindley & FirnDE123/35
Lindley & FirnDE123/37
Lindley, WarrenDE123/28
Lines, JDE123/62
Lines, JohnDE123/62
Lines, JohnDE123/69
Lines, WilliamDE123/67
Lines, WilliamDE123/68
Lines, WilliamDE123/69
Lines, William junrDE123/69
Linsey, RichardDE123/73
Linwell?, MrDE123/56
Liny(?), JohnDE123/70
Lloyd, H WDE123/59
Loak, WilliamDE123/67
Loak, WilliamDE123/68
Loak, WilliamDE123/69
Lockley, ThomasDE123/66
Long, JohnDE123/26
Long, JohnDE123/27
Loroaine, ThomasDE123/71
Lowe, JDE123/62
Loynes, WilliamDE123/67
Ludford, WilliamDE123/76
Ludlam, JohnDE123/69
Lynes, WilliamDE123/67
Macaulay, C ADE123/69
Madbury, ThomasDE123/67
Madder, EDE123/48
Madder, FDE123/57
Malkin, DDE123/36
Mallet, JDE123/22
Manifuld (?), L SDE123/74
Mansfield, MrDE123/65
Marby, AnnDE123/62
March, WDE123/37
Marris, H CDE123/52
Marris, H CDE123/53
Marris, H CDE123/54
Marris, H CDE123/55
Marris, H CDE123/56
Marris, H CDE123/59
Marris, RobertDE123/48
Marris, RobertDE123/52
Marris, RobertDE123/53
Marris, RobertDE123/54
Marris, WDE123/50
Marris, WDE123/51
Marris, W CDE123/60
Marris?, F MDE123/37
Marris?, F MDE123/38
Marris?, F MDE123/39
Marris?, F MDE123/42
Marris?, F MDE123/43
Marris?, F MDE123/44
Marris?, N HDE123/46
Marris?, N HDE123/47
Marshall, HerbertDE123/57
Marston, T BDE123/41
Marston, T BDE123/43
Martin?, EDE123/28
Marvin, DanielDE123/66
Marvin, EDE123/68
Marvin, ElizabethDE123/67
Marvin, ElizabethDE123/68
Marvin, MrsDE123/67
Mason (?), NathanielDE123/19
Mason (?), TomDE123/19
Mason, GDE123/54
Mason, GDE123/56
Mason, GDE123/59
Mason, GDE123/60
Mason, GeorgeDE123/51
Mason, HDE123/33
Mason, JohnDE123/62
Mason, JosephDE123/19
Mason, JosephDE123/20
Mason, JosephDE123/23
Mason, JosephDE123/24
Mason, JosephDE123/29
Mason, JosephDE123/62
Masson, GeorgeDE123/73
Mathews, WilliamDE123/73
Matts, JosephDE123/73
Mauby, WDE123/38
Mauby, WDE123/39
May (?), WilliamDE123/73
May, ElizabethDE123/67
May, ElizabethDE123/68
May, MaryDE123/67
May, SamuelDE123/67
May, SamuelDE123/68
May, ThomasDE123/66
May, WilliamDE123/67
May, WilliamDE123/68
Mee, MaryDE123/67
Mee, MaryDE123/68
Mee, ThomasDE123/66
Melles (?), JohnDE123/73
Melton, JohnDE123/62
Mettan (?), GDE123/62
Mettan, GDE123/62
Mick?, WilliamDE123/33
Middleton, JohnDE123/23
Middleton, JohnDE123/24
Middleton, JohnDE123/26
Middleton, JohnDE123/33
Mikes, WilliamDE123/34
Miles, C PDE123/32
Miles, EDE123/30
Miles, EDE123/69
Miles, E HDE123/39
Miles, E PDE123/29
Miles, E PDE123/33
Miles, E PDE123/37
Miles, E PDE123/38
Miles, E PDE123/47
Miles, E PDE123/48
Miles, E PDE123/49
Miles, E PDE123/51
Miles, E PDE123/69
Miles, EdwardDE123/43
Miles, EdwardDE123/67
Miles, Edward PDE123/34
Miles, MrDE123/29
Miles, MrDE123/31
Miles, MrDE123/33
Miles, MrDE123/35
Miles, MrDE123/36
Miles, MrDE123/38
Miles, MrDE123/72
Miles, RDE123/67
Miles, RDE123/68
Miles, RDE123/69
Miles, R DDE123/69
Miles, R TDE123/69
Miles, RevDE123/69
Miles, RogerDE123/67
Miles, WDE123/67
Millington, JohnDE123/76
Mistril(?), HenryDE123/70
Mistrill(?), ThomasDE123/70
Mitchel, SarahDE123/73
Mitchell, TDE123/57
Mitchell, TDE123/60
Mitchell, ThomasDE123/51
Mitchell, ThomasDE123/52
Mitchell, ThomasDE123/53
Mitchell, ThomasDE123/54
Mittam, GDE123/74
Moon, RobertDE123/70
Moor, BenjaminDE123/62
Moor, JohnDE123/66
Moor, MrDE123/20
Moor, MrDE123/62
Moor, MrDE123/66
Moor, RobertDE123/72
Moor, Robert jnrDE123/70
Moor, WilliamDE123/62
Moor, WilliamDE123/66
Moore, AnnDE123/67
Moore, AnnDE123/68
Moore, AnneDE123/67
Moore, DanielDE123/69
Moore, GeorgeDE123/67
Moore, JDE123/62
Moore, JohnDE123/62
Moore, JohnDE123/68
Moore, JosephDE123/76
Moore, MaryDE123/73
Moore, MissDE123/69
Moore, MrDE123/20
Moore, MrDE123/20
Moore, MrDE123/62
Moore, MrDE123/66
Moore, Mr snrDE123/66
Moore, MrsDE123/69
Moore, RobertDE123/71
Moore, RobertDE123/73
Moore, Rudkin &DE123/29
Moore, SarahDE123/69
Moore, ThomasDE123/67
Moore, ThomasDE123/68
Moore, ThomasDE123/69
Moore, ThomasDE123/73
Moore, WDE123/67
Moore, WDE123/68
Moore, WilliamDE123/62
Moore, WilliamDE123/63
Moore, WilliamDE123/66
Moore, WilliamDE123/67
Moore, WilliamDE123/68
Moore, WilliamDE123/69
Moreton, JohnDE123/62
Morewood (?), JohnDE123/72
Morewood, ThomasDE123/73
Morley, R & SonsDE123/59
Morris (?)DE123/66
Morton, WilliamDE123/68
Mosely, SarahDE123/62
Mosley, SarahDE123/67
Mosley, SarahDE123/68
Mosly, SarahDE123/68
Moxon, ThomasDE123/73
Mudford, JohnDE123/66
Mudford, MrDE123/66
Mudford, WilliamDE123/66
Muggleson, WilliamDE123/62
Muggleston, WalterDE123/50
Muggleston, WilliamDE123/67
Muggleston, WilliamDE123/68
Mugglestone, Cenr (?)DE123/68
Mugglestone, GeorgeDE123/69
Mugglestone, JaneDE123/62
Mugglestone, MaryDE123/69
Mugglestone, RobertDE123/62
Mugglestone, RobertDE123/67
Mugglestone, WilliamDE123/62
Mugglestone, WilliamDE123/68
Mugglestone, WilliamDE123/69
Muginson, boyDE123/62
Mugiston, boyDE123/62
Muglinson, MrsDE123/62
Murby, ADE123/62
Murby, AnnDE123/62
Murby, JohnDE123/62
Murby, WidowDE123/62
Murby, WilliamDE123/62
Murly, JDE123/62
Muston?, FDE123/46
Muxloe, Mr.DE123/70
Neal, GeorgeDE123/67
Neal, GeorgeDE123/68
Neal, JosephDE123/69
Neal, MaryDE123/62
Neal, WDE123/32
Neal, WDE123/49
Neal, WilliamDE123/30
Neal, WilliamDE123/31
Neal, WilliamDE123/33
Neal, WilliamDE123/67
Neale, GeorgeDE123/67
Neale, GeorgeDE123/68
Neale, GeorgeDE123/69
Neale, JohnDE123/68
Neale, WDE123/52
Neale, WDE123/55
Neale, WDE123/57
Neale, WDE123/58
Neale, WDE123/60
Neale, WilliamDE123/67
Neale, WilliamDE123/68
Nettam, GDE123/62
Nettan (?), GDE123/62
Nevinson, George HDE123/45
Nevinson, George HDE123/47
Nevinson, George HDE123/48
Nevinson, George HDE123/49
Nevinson, George HDE123/51
Nevinson, George HDE123/54
Nevinson, George HDE123/56
Nevinson, ThomasDE123/45
Nevinson, ThomasDE123/47
Nevinson, ThomasDE123/48
Nevinson, ThomasDE123/49
Nevinson, ThomasDE123/51
Nevinson, ThomasDE123/54
Nevinson, ThomasDE123/56
Newbold, WilliamDE123/62
Newbold, WilliamDE123/75
Newbold, WilliamDE123/76
Newby, J PDE123/72
Newby, J PDE123/74
Newby, J.P.DE123/63
Newby, J.P.DE123/68
Newdigate (?), PDE123/73
Nickelson, MrDE123/32
Noel, TDE123/62
Noon, JosephDE123/62
Noon, JosephDE123/75
Noon, JosephDE123/76
Norman, TDE123/28
Norman, ThomasDE123/30
North(?), EdwardDE123/70
Novello, Ewer & CoDE123/60
Nurby (?), JohnDE123/62
O Doyle, SgtDE123/67
Oadam, ThomasDE123/71
Oldacre, WDE123/54
Oldacres, J KDE123/53
Oram, DanielDE123/69
Oram, GeorgeDE123/67
Oram, GeorgeDE123/68
Oram, GeorgeDE123/69
Oram, JohnDE123/67
Oram, JohnDE123/68
Orton, DorothyDE123/71
Orton, MrDE123/62
Orton, WilliamDE123/76
Osborn, WilliamDE123/73
Oyley, Sgt DDE123/67
Pacey, JDE123/25
Paget, MrDE123/62
Paget, Stone &DE123/29
Pagett, RDE123/57
Palmer, Jesse (?)DE123/63
Palmer, JohnDE123/67
Palmer, JohnDE123/68
Palmer, MDE123/63
Pareshaw (?), ThomasDE123/65
Parker, RevDE123/69
Parker?, ThomasDE123/23
Parkinson, DrDE123/62
Parkinson, EdwardDE123/73
Parkinson, F ADE123/57
Parkinson, MrDE123/62
Parkinson, TDE123/65
Parklall, ThomasDE123/68
Parr & SonDE123/35
Parr, AnnDE123/72
Parr, FDE123/51
Parr, GeorgeDE123/35
Parr, GeorgeDE123/38
Parr, S & SonDE123/38
Parry, M JDE123/57
Parson, DollyDE123/62
Parsons, DorothyDE123/62
Parsons, EdwardDE123/62
Parsons, JohnDE123/62
Paul, Cort &DE123/48
Paul, Cort &DE123/50
Paul, Cort &DE123/58
Paul, Cort &DE123/59
Paul, Cort &DE123/60
Payne, Shaw &DE123/35
Payne, TheophilusDE123/33
Payne, Theophilus CharlesDE123/35
Peach, B PDE123/50
Pelli???, GDE123/52
Perkins, Samuel SteeleDE123/77
Perrott, JamesDE123/76
Phillips, W LDE123/22
Phillips, W LDE123/24
Pick, HDE123/46
Pick, HDE123/49
Pick, HDE123/51
Pick, HDE123/52
Pickering, Hunt &DE123/38
Pickering, IsaacDE123/62
Pickering, JDE123/62
Pickrin, IDE123/62
Plowman, Glasgow &DE123/52
Plowman, Glasgow &DE123/53
Plowman, MDE123/52
Pochin, ArmstonDE123/73
Pochin, GeorgeDE123/66
Pochin, GeorgeDE123/74
Pochin, R GDE123/69
Pool, R ADE123/51
Porritt, JDE123/49
Pougher, ElizabethDE123/67
Pougher, ElizabethDE123/68
Pougher, MrDE123/62
Pougher, WDE123/62
Pougher, WilliamDE123/62
Pougher, WilliamDE123/66
Power, WDE123/63
Power, WilliamDE123/63
Power, WilliamDE123/66
Poyner, JonahDE123/62
Poyner, JonahDE123/66
Poyner, MrDE123/62
Poyner, MrDE123/66
Poyner, MyDE123/62
Poynor, JonahDE123/66
Poynor, MyDE123/62
Preist, WilliamDE123/69
Preston, WDE123/56
Preston, WilliamDE123/67
Preston, WilliamDE123/68
Preston, WilliamDE123/69
Puffer, MrDE123/62
Quitter, LDE123/20
Raddle, HannahDE123/19
Rawson, JohnDE123/62
Rawson, JohnDE123/66
Rawson, JohnDE123/76
Rawson, MrDE123/62
Rawson, MrsDE123/66
Rayns, FrancisDE123/42
Rayns?, RDE123/31
Redfern, MrDE123/55
Refern, F WDE123/55
Reison(?), WidowDE123/70
Rhoades (?), JohnDE123/73
Richards, WilliamDE123/28
Richards, WilliamDE123/29
Roberts, JDE123/63
Robinson, CDE123/76
Robinson, ElizabethDE123/73
Robinson, JohnDE123/73
Robinson, WilliamDE123/73
Roby, BDE123/68
Rodgers (?), JDE123/63
Rooe, RogerDE123/71
Rothborn, RobertDE123/62
Rothwell, NicholasDE123/73
Rowlson, JohnDE123/73
Rudkin & MooreDE123/29
Rudkin, GeorgeDE123/46
Rudkin, JDE123/62
Rudkin, JohnDE123/62
Rudkin, ThomasDE123/41
Rudkin, ThomasDE123/69
Russell, HenryDE123/69
Russell, JohnDE123/67
Russell, JohnDE123/68
Russell, JohnDE123/69
Russell, WilliamDE123/67
Sadler, W (?)DE123/73
Salisbury, BenjaminDE123/62
Salisbury, JohnDE123/62
Salsbury, JohnDE123/62
Sampson, RichardDE123/66
Samson, RichardDE123/66
Sarson, John & SonDE123/60
Scott, Rev J HDE123/37
Scott, Rev J HDE123/38
Scott, Rev J HDE123/39
Sealby, GeorgeDE123/69
Seddon, B HDE123/59
Shaw & PayneDE123/35
Shaw, DavidDE123/33
Shaw, Higginson &DE123/33
Sherman, WidowDE123/62
Sherwood, JDE123/48
Sherwood, JDE123/50
Sherwood, JDE123/51
Shilton, girlDE123/62
Sikes (?), RobertDE123/73
Silk (?)DE123/62
Sills (?), JohnDE123/19
Sills, JosephDE123/18
Sills, WilliamDE123/18
Sills, WilliamDE123/19
Sills, WilliamDE123/20
Sills, WilliamDE123/22
Sills, WilliamDE123/24
Sills, WilliamDE123/25
Sills, WilliamDE123/62
Sills, WilliamDE123/67
Sills, WilliamDE123/68
Simons, JonathanDE123/73
Simons, NDE123/76
Simpkin & JamesDE123/60
Simpkin, Joseph GDE123/54
Simpson, JohnDE123/73
Simpson, JohnDE123/76
Simpson, ThomasDE123/67
Simpson, ThomasDE123/68
Sketchley, ThomasDE123/66
Slater, JohnDE123/73
Slater, JosephDE123/62
Slater, JosephDE123/73
Slater, MaryDE123/73
Smallwood, RevDE123/48
Smallwood, RevDE123/49
Smallwood, RevDE123/51
Smallwood, RevDE123/52
Smallwood, RevDE123/53
Smallwood, Rev E BDE123/69
Smallwood, Rev.DE123/54
Smallwood, Rev.DE123/55
Smallwood, Rev.DE123/56
Smallwood, Rev.DE123/56
Smith, AllenDE123/66
Smith, CharlesDE123/72
Smith, CharlesDE123/77
Smith, CLDE123/66
Smith, EdwardDE123/73
Smith, EdwardDE123/75
Smith, EdwardDE123/76
Smith, JohnDE123/62
Smith, JohnDE123/66
Smith, JohnDE123/68
Smith, JohnDE123/69
Smith, JohnDE123/70
Smith, MrDE123/62
Smith, RichardDE123/62
Smith, RobertDE123/69
Smith, SDE123/53
Smith, SDE123/56
Smith, SDE123/57
Smith, SDE123/60
Smith, ThomasDE123/66
Smith, ThomasDE123/69
Southey, WDE123/27
Southey, WilliamDE123/26
Southey, WilliamDE123/27
Southey, WilliamDE123/28
Southey, WilliamDE123/29
Southey, WilliamDE123/30
Southey, WilliamDE123/31
Southey, WilliamDE123/31
Southey, WilliamDE123/32
Southey, WilliamDE123/34
Southey, WilliamDE123/35
Southey, WilliamDE123/36
Southey, WilliamDE123/38
Southey, WilliamDE123/41
Spanton, EdwardDE123/62
Spaughton, daughterDE123/62
Spawton, girlDE123/62
Spemer, KatherineDE123/71
Spemer, MaryDE123/71
Spencer, WilliamDE123/76
Spiers, FDE123/46
Sporton, EDE123/62
Sporton, EdwardDE123/62
Stain, ThomasDE123/67
Stain, ThomasDE123/68
Staines, ThomasDE123/67
Stains, ThomasDE123/67
Stallard, MrDE123/62
Stamford, Earl ofDE123/36
Stanley, WillDE123/73
Stanley, WilliamDE123/80
Staynes, JDE123/57
Stenson & Co, WilliamDE123/20
Stenson, JohnDE123/29
Stenson, JohnDE123/32
Stenson, WDE123/67
Stenson, WDE123/68
Stenson, W & CoDE123/29
Stenson, WilliamDE123/22
Stenson, WilliamDE123/25
Stenson, WilliamDE123/26
Stenson, WilliamDE123/32
Stenson, WilliamDE123/63
Stenson, WilliamDE123/67
Stenson, WilliamDE123/68
Stills, WilliamDE123/68
Stinson, WDE123/68
Stockdale, CDE123/76
Stockdale, CharlesDE123/76
Stollard, MrDE123/62
Stone & PagetDE123/29
Stone, DavidDE123/62
Stonehall, GeorgeDE123/69
Storer, ADE123/62
Storer, AbrahamDE123/62
Storer, AbrahamDE123/79
Storer, AnnDE123/62
Storer, BeckyDE123/62
Storer, childDE123/62
Storer, ElizabethDE123/79
Storer, JDE123/62
Storer, JohnDE123/62
Storer, JosephDE123/62
Storer, MaryDE123/78
Storer, OldDE123/62
Storer, RebackDE123/62
Storer, RebeccaDE123/62
Storer, SarahDE123/62
Storer, WidowDE123/62
Storer, WilliamDE123/62
Storer, WilliamDE123/79
Stretton, EdwardDE123/73
Stretton, Humphrey &DE123/59
Stretton, SimeonDE123/69
Stringer, RobertDE123/18
Stroud?, G IDE123/34
Sturges, H (?)DE123/76
Sturges, WDE123/76
Sturges, WilliamDE123/76
Sudford (?), JDE123/73
Sultzer, MrDE123/62
Swan, ThomasDE123/62
Swift, JamesDE123/67
Tapp, ThomasDE123/71
Tatlow, ThomasDE123/39
Taylor, A MDE123/55
Taylor, A MDE123/60
Taylor, AnnDE123/62
Taylor, AnnDE123/68
Taylor, DanielDE123/73
Taylor, GDE123/62
Taylor, GeorgeDE123/62
Taylor, JamesDE123/62
Taylor, JosephDE123/67
Taylor, JosephDE123/68
Taylor, JosephDE123/69
Taylor, RichardDE123/68
Taylor, SDE123/54
Taylor, StephenDE123/55
Taylor, StephenDE123/56
Taylor, StephenDE123/60
Taylor, ThomasDE123/62
Taylor, WidowDE123/62
Thewman (?)DE123/62
Thimson?, J HDE123/33
Thompson, RichardDE123/66
Thomson, RichardDE123/62
Thomson, RichardDE123/66
Thorneloe, ThomasDE123/63
Throsby (?), WilliamDE123/73
Thurman, ADE123/62
Thurman, Alec (?)DE123/62
Thurman, AliceDE123/62
Thurman, EDE123/62
Thurman, WidowDE123/62
Thurman, WilliamDE123/62
Thurnman, WilliamDE123/62
Tibney (?), JamesDE123/73
Tichford, SDE123/36
Timberlin, DanielDE123/71
Toach, JohnDE123/62
Todd, W HDE123/60
Tompson, AnnDE123/73
Tompson, JohnDE123/62
Tompson, RichardDE123/62
Tompson, RichardDE123/73
Tompson, TDE123/62
Tomson, RichardDE123/62
Tonison (?), RichardDE123/18
Torlar (?), JamesDE123/20
Towerson, JamesDE123/62
Towle, SamuelDE123/73
Townsend, AnnDE123/62
Townsend, EdDE123/62
Townsend, EdwardDE123/62
Townsend, FDE123/54
Townsend, FDE123/59
Townsend, FDE123/60
Townsend, FDE123/61
Townsend, FredDE123/57
Townsend, girlDE123/62
Townsend, HDE123/69
Townsend, HarrietDE123/69
Townsend, JDE123/62
Townsend, JamesDE123/62
Townsend, JamesDE123/67
Townsend, JamesDE123/68
Townsend, JamesDE123/69
Townsend, JaneDE123/62
Townsend, JohnDE123/62
Townsend, JohnDE123/67
Townsend, JohnDE123/68
Townsend, JohnDE123/76
Townsend, MarthaDE123/62
Townsend, MaryDE123/62
Townsend, MaryDE123/69
Townsend, MrsDE123/62
Townsend, NancyDE123/62
Townsend, RDE123/62
Townsend, RebeccaDE123/62
Townsend, RobertDE123/62
Townsend, WDE123/50
Townsend, WDE123/62
Townsend, WidowDE123/62
Townsend, WilliamDE123/68
Townshend, JamesDE123/68
Townshend, WilliamDE123/68
Travlay, WilliamDE123/18
Trenerry, WilliamDE123/65
Tunnicliff, HenryDE123/69
Tunnicliff, JohnDE123/63
Tunnicliff, JohnDE123/67
Tunnicliff, JohnDE123/68
Tunnicliffe, JohnDE123/67
Tunnicliffe, JohnDE123/68
Turner, AnnDE123/72
Turner, AnnDE123/74
Turner, Ann (jnr)DE123/72
Turner, Ann (jnr)DE123/74
Turner, ElizaDE123/72
Turner, ElizaDE123/74
Turner, JamesDE123/63
Turner, JamesDE123/67
Turner, JamesDE123/68
Turner, JamesDE123/72
Turner, JamesDE123/74
Turner, James (jnr)DE123/72
Turner, James (jnr)DE123/74
Turner, SophiaDE123/72
Turner, SophiaDE123/74
Turner, ThomasDE123/72
Turner, ThomasDE123/74
Turner, WilliamDE123/72
Turner, WilliamDE123/74
Twigg, BDE123/18
Tyson, WDE123/76
Tyson, W RDE123/75
Upton, JaneDE123/76
Varnam, JaneDE123/62
Varnam, Jin’y (?)DE123/62
Varnham, JaneDE123/62
Varnham, WidowDE123/62
Varnham, WilliamDE123/62
Vincent, JohnDE123/63
Vincent, JohnDE123/67
Vincent, JohnDE123/68
Walker, HDE123/54
Walker, KatherineDE123/71
Walker, KenDE123/68
Walker, WDE123/66
Walker, W CDE123/66
Walker, WilliamDE123/66
Walker, WilliamDE123/74
Walker, WilliamDE123/75
Walker, WilliamDE123/76
Ward, boyDE123/62
Ward, childDE123/62
Ward, EDE123/62
Ward, EleanorDE123/62
Ward, EleanorDE123/75
Ward, ElenirDE123/62
Ward, ElienerDE123/62
Ward, ElinorDE123/62
Ward, FrancesDE123/62
Ward, FrancisDE123/62
Ward, FrancisDE123/75
Ward, FrankDE123/62
Ward, JohnDE123/62
Ward, JohnDE123/75
Ward, JohnDE123/76
Ward, MrsDE123/62
Ward, SamuelDE123/76
Ward, TDE123/62
Ward, WidowDE123/62
Ward, WifeDE123/62
Ward, WilliamDE123/75
Ward, WilliamDE123/76
Warnon, WidowDE123/62
Warren, GeorgeDE123/53
Warwick, WilliamDE123/62
Wates, ADE123/54
Wattoff, JosephDE123/68
Wattoff, ThomasDE123/67
Watts & SonDE123/53
Watts & SonDE123/54
Watts, Mr.DE123/70
Wean, MarthaDE123/73
Wean, RobertDE123/73
Weatt, ThomasDE123/71
Webb & AustinDE123/33
Webb, GeorgeDE123/19
Webb, GeorgeDE123/20
Webb, JohnDE123/66
Welcon, ThomasDE123/62
Welcone, ThomasDE123/62
Welton, ElizabethDE123/62
Welton, JDE123/62
Welton, JohnDE123/62
Welton, TDE123/62
Welton, ThomasDE123/62
Wentworth, ViscountDE123/77
Weston, HDE123/20
Whattoff, JamesDE123/68
Whattoff, JosephDE123/68
Whattoff, ThomasDE123/67
Whinyales, JohnDE123/76
White, JohnDE123/73
Whiteston (?), M.J. (?)DE123/63
Whiteusse?, CDE123/57
Wigston (?)DE123/65
Wigston, Wol.lDE123/66
Wigston, WolstanDE123/76
Wigston, WolstonDE123/66
Wigston, WolstoneDE123/66
Wigstone, MrDE123/62
Wikes, CDE123/62
Wikes, MaryDE123/62
Wilkins, ThomasDE123/72
Wilkinson, AnnDE123/49
Wilkinson, ElizabethDE123/68
Wilkinson, JDE123/62
Wilkinson, JamesDE123/67
Wilkinson, JaneDE123/67
Wilkinson, JohnDE123/33
Wilkinson, JohnDE123/62
Wilkinson, JohnDE123/66
Wilkinson, JohnDE123/69
Wilkinson, JohnDE123/71
Wilkinson, JohnDE123/75
Wilkinson, JohnDE123/76
Wilkinson, MaryDE123/66
Wilkinson, MrDE123/62
Wilkinson, MrDE123/65
Wilkinson, RebeccaDE123/66
Wilkinson, SamuelDE123/66
Wilkinson, ThomasDE123/73
Wilkinson, WilliamDE123/62
Wilkinson, WilliamDE123/66
Wilkinson, WilliamDE123/76
Willett, AbrahamDE123/69
Williamson, ThomasDE123/62
Williamson, WilliamDE123/62
Willis, Jones &DE123/59
Willson, FrancisDE123/68
Willson, R NDE123/69
Willson, WilliamDE123/32
Willson, WilliamDE123/69
Wilmshurst, RAJDE123/68
Wilmshurst, RevDE123/68
Wilmshurst, Rev ADE123/67
Wilmshurst, Rev A JDE123/68
Wilmshurst, Rev A TDE123/67
Wilson, FranciesDE123/68
Wilson, FrancisDE123/68
Wilson, James?DE123/29
Wilson, R NDE123/69
Wilson, RNDE123/69
Wilson, WilliamDE123/69
Winks, FrederickDE123/28
Winstanley, CDE123/67
Winstanley, CDE123/68
Winstanley, CDE123/72
Winstanley, CDE123/74
Winstanley, CDE123/75
Winstanley, CDE123/76
Winstanley, ClementDE123/62
Winstanley, ClementDE123/73
Winstanley, ClementDE123/77
Winstanley, RevDE123/68
Winstanley, Rev GDE123/66
Winstanley, Rev GDE123/68
Winstanley, Rev GeorgeDE123/66
Winstanley, TrusteesDE123/69
Witmore, MrDE123/62
Wood (carrier)DE123/60
Wood(?), Thomas (?)DE123/70
Wood, ThomasDE123/70
Wood, WilliamDE123/76
Woodcock, HDE123/66
Woodcock, HDE123/75
Woodcock, HDE123/76
Woodcock, HenryDE123/77
Woolton, JamesDE123/28
Wooton?, P NDE123/41
Wornhon, WidowDE123/62
Worthington, R CDE123/65
Wright, Ed?DE123/49
Wrighte, WDE123/73
Wrighte, WDE123/76
Wykes, EDE123/34
Wykes, JamesDE123/34
Yates, ThomasDE123/62
Yates, ThomasDE123/75
Yates, ThomasDE123/76
Yeo, EdwardDE123/76
Yeoman, ThomasDE123/25