People and Houses

House Names in Kirby Muxloe

The following maps show Kirby Muxloe and, below, Kirby Fields, both in 1914.

Beneath the maps is a table of house names associated mostly with the larger houses.

Kirby Muxloe Map

Kirby Fields Map

Table of House Names

The column headed "In JW?" refers to whether the house is mentioned in Jonathan Wilshere's book, Old Kirby (Muxloe).

Name (1st)Name (2nd)Name (3rd)Name (4th)Exists?Name (current)NumberStreetIn JW ?YearNotes
AshleighBrook HouseyBrook HouseStation Roady1880
BarncroftyBarncroftStamford Roady1904
Blue Pots FarmnHinckley Road ?y?
CarisbrookDelburyyDelburyForest Drivey1911
Castle FarmThe Castle HotelyThe Castle HotelMain Streety1630's (rebuilt)
EastleighyEastleighForest Drivey1895
ElmcroftyElmcroftForest Drivey1904
Elms FarmElms Farm HouseyElms Farm HouseGullet Laney1700 (before)
ElmsteadRoundhillElmsteadyElmstead1Roundhilly1895Was a nurses' home
FaleideCarmelyCarmelHastings Roady1896 ?
FernleighyFernleighStation Roady1880
Forest EdgenForest Risey?
Forest HouseyForest HouseStation Roady1895
Forest ViewyForest ViewStamford Roady1896
Forest VilleThe TowersnStation Roady1879 (circa)
GairlochyGairlochForest Drivey1911
Hardy CottagesnBlood Hilly?
HawthornsThe CedarsyThe CedarsStamford Roady1904
Heatherlea?y?Station Roady1881Semi with Inglewood
Highfieldn?y1903on a 5 acre plot in Kirby Fields
HillsideUplandsyUplandsHastings Roady1895 (before)
HolmewoodyHolmewoodHolmewood Drivey1895
InglewoodyInglewoodStation Roady1881
Kirby Fields FarmLara House The Old HouseyThe Old HouseStamford Roady1801 (c, rebuilt)
Lowlands Hardwick HouseyHardwick HousePortland Roady1930s (late)
MayfieldyMayfieldStation Roady1892
MeadowcroftyMeadowcroftForest Drivey1920
Moel LlysyMoel LlysForest Drivey1902
Muckross HouseKillarneyThe HomesteadyThe HomesteadGullet Laney1890 (before)
National Telephone Company ExchangenBarwell Roady1905
NewsteadLittle GablesyLittle GablesHastings Roady1916 (before)
Portland HouseyPortland HousePortland Roady1875
Portland LodgeyPortland LodgePortland Roady?
RingwoodyRingwoodForest Drivey1925 (circa)
RosendenenForest Drivey1898
Royal OakSpanish BladeRoyal OakyRoyal OakMain Streety1810 (before)
Silver EdgeySilver EdgeGullet Lanen1920
SlopesGrey LodgeSpey CottageWhirlow HouseyWhirlow HouseForest Drivey1908 (circa)
Stamford HouseyStamford HouseStation Roady1895
SunnydeneCharnwoodCharnwood HouseyCharnwood HouseStamford Roady1895
The (Old) White HouseyThe (Old) White HouseMain Streety1487 (circa)
The CliffeRoundhillnHastings Roady1896 (circa?)
The CottageyThe CottageForest Drivey1906 (before)
The ElmsyThe ElmsGullet Lanen1912
The FirsyThe FirsStamford Roady1884 (before)
The GlenyThe GlenForest Drivey1890
The Grove yThe Grove Forest Drivey1900 (circa)
The HeadlandsyThe Headlands2Gullet Lanen1913
The HoltnForest Drivey1914
The LarchesyThe LarchesStamford Roady1884 (before)
The LindensyThe LindensGullet Lanen1906
The LinksyThe LinksStation Drivey?
The Poplarsn82Main Streety1700 (circa)
The ShrubberyyThe ShrubberyForest Drivey1908
The SpinneysyThe SpinneysStamford Roady1898
TrolleboyTrolleboStamford Roadn?
Vernon HouseyVernon HouseMain Streety?
WahnfriedJervistonnStamford Roady1899 (circa)Name re-used by modern house
WalbertonnStamford Roady1904Name re-used by modern house
Walton LodgenForest Drivey1898
WestleighyWestleighForest Drivey1895
White CottageyWhite CottageForest Drivey1925 (circa)
White Lodgen?y1898Name re-used by modern house
WoodlandsyWoodlandsMain Streety1700 (circa)