Record Office Topographical Index for Kirby Muxloe

The following Topographical Index is available at the Record Office for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland on record cards in Search Room 2.

ROLLR RefContent
DE 8/147-158Deeds, 1763-67 (Woolaston family)
DE 123/Parish registers, 1639-1925
DE 123/Parish Rate 9 A/C Books, & other papers, 17th-19th centuries
DE 109/1-22 marriage settlements, 1765-78
DE 182/19-20Sale particular and map, Kirby Frith estate, 1915
DE 365/266Survey and valuation (Winstanley estate) c.early 19th century
DE 1/42/2Land Tax Redemption Certificate for manor and lands at K. M., 1799
DE 572Parish Council Minute Books, Accounts, Declarations of Office
DE 606/2Abstract of title, 1908
DE 629/DE 835Baptist Chapel (Free Church) records 1883-1935
DE 688/85-6Sale Particulars Castle Estate 1918, The Elms Farm 1940
DG 5Winstanley of Braunstone - see catalogue
DE 738Plans & documents relating to Kirby Muxloe Land Society, Cemetery, tithe redemption, drainage (10) 1879-1949
DE 1048Blaby R.D.C. records 19th-20th centuries
DE 1221/53Deeds (closes), 1706-1819
DG 5Winstanley papers, including 20-86 deeds (properties of the manor of Braunstone, including Martyn's Farm) 1596-1789; Building accounts of Kirby Muxloe Castle, 1480-1484-see microfilm index
DE 1761/48/1-8European Architectural Heritage Year Questionnaire completed by the W. I. on "Your Village" 1975
PP 230Postcard of Church & postcard of Castle
DE 1859/711-15The Old White House. Historic buildings photos & transparencies (see list) 20th-century
1041/2/368Glebe terrier 1679
Misc 362Sale catalogue of White House Estate 1919
3D42/13/577-582Carter family deeds 1779-90
3D42/42/283Sale catalogue, Roby Burgin Est. 1897
3D42/59/1-9Greasley property in Leics. 1748-1775
3D42/42/283Sale catalogue Roby Burgin Est. 1897
3D42See schedule 7 for details
3D42/59/1-9Greasley property in Leicestershire 1748-1775
3D42/68/98-133Moore family estates at Kirby Muxloe & on London Road 1800-55
3D42/68/134-150Ditto 1688-circa 1800
3D42/68/151-177Deed 1753-1870
3D42/73/128-155Bosworth family property 1776-1785
3D42/73/421-451Rent book of property in Kirby Muxloe 1846-50
3D42/13/583-585Deeds 1782
3D42/13/625-644Deeds including sale of Enderby Hall 1790-1870
3D42/13/680-685n.d. Abstract of Gilbert property
3D42/68/44-52 Moore family pps 1814-1881
3D42/73/547-551Roby Burgin family property
3D42/78/1-4Taylor family property circa 1870
3D42/83/1-24Wright family pps 1736-1862
3D42/90/112-115Moore family pps including valuation of timber on land & ref to Tithe Apportionment
Misc 270Coll. of family pps letters wills etc of Bark, Voss & Wilshere 10 items
3D42/85/1-40Wills & probates - Cramp will Kirby Muxloe
12D43/93/94Pps re rents & agreements 1838
12D43/91Rental D'oyley Est. 1826, 40, 46, 56. Est & timber
3D42/13/670-9Sale catalogue & plan 19th century
3D42/55/ in 44-67Dalton plans LFE and Kirby Muxloe 1853, 1862
3D42/42/276Est. sale catalogue n.d. 19th century
3D42/42/281Dalton Est. sale cat. LFE 1900
3D42/42/291Plan & sale catalogue 1825
3D42/42/294ditto 1846
3D42/42/307-8ditto 1869
3D42/42/313ditto 1879
2D71/472-515Stone & Co Deeds 1711-1858
2D71/1686 fos. 1-9"Quality Book" (levying a rate) 1784
2D71/1686 fos. 9-10Highway rate 1830
2D71/1686 fos. 10-11Poor rate 1831
3D42/M28/5, 6(Burgin estate) map
3D42/M33/1Burgin estate map
3D42/M48Estate 19th century map
3D42/73 in 132-5Tracing of Burgin estate map 19th century
3D42/73 in 660-82Map of Burgin estate 19th century
3D42/73/in 743-68Map of Burgin estate drawn on O.S. late 19th century
3D42/42/283Village map with major buildings marked, Thorneyfields farm and adjacent lands 1897
6D43/ in 6, 7, 19Terriers and Rental. Woolaston farm 18th-century
3D42/73/421-51 incl in Property rentals 1846-50
12D43/91See sch. 7 for details, various items all D'Oyley pps., valuations, bills, A/Cs etc.
2D35/1-6Deeds 1717-1722
3D35/1Deed 1742
8D44/3, 4, 91699 deeds
10D44/1Lease 1698
10D44/10-18Final Concorde, Woolaston Farm 18th-century
10D44/22-24Deeds Muxloe family to 1758
DG5/375Deed manor (16th century) pt missing
DG5/376Fine 1551
DG5/377Royal pardon for enclosure 1619
DG5/378Deeds re distaff land 1628
DG5/380Deed 1650
DG5/383Memorandum re tithes 18th- & 19th-century
DE1958Title deeds, 1678-1953
12D43/91/5Map of closes. Back Lane Area 1788
DE170/30,36Medieval deeds, Fisher manuscripts (DG 15)
PE433-434Grants of land in-circa 1250 (Hastings manuscripts)
DE1248/148-149Village history article from Leicester advertiser (circa 1960)
DE2121/134-6Contract file for work at, 1903-1904; erection of vinery, 1891; and glasshouse (1908)
DE1982/357-362Deeds 1889-1898. See schedule for details
DE2480/59Proposed library for primary school 1969
N/B/169/8-19 (DE2839)Additional records of Kirby Muxloe Free Church, 1904-1983
DE2962Records of Kirby Muxloe Players Drama Group 1944-circa 1982
DE606Abstract of title to property in Kirby Muxloe, 1908
DE3072/125County Council Clerk's Department - file on compulsory purchase of land in Station Road for Parish Council recreation ground including maps 1962-1967
DE3072/127As above (125) file on compulsory purchase of land in Kings Drive, LFE for Parish Council 1964-1967
DE3267Newspaper cuttings re Parish Council 1951-1962
DE3225/53Lease 1920
PE428(1) black and white postcard of Kirby Muxloe Castle
Misc 1066Sale particulars of house 1826
DE1935/18Sale particulars of land 1962
DE1935/33Sale particulars including paddock and allotment gardens in Kirby Muxloe 1966
DE1935/123-127Sale particulars gardens, building estate, gardens with kitchen, garden & small artificial lane and 10 shops 1953, 1954, 1964, 1970 & 1963
DE4139Parish records 1880-1989
DE3830Additional parish council records, 1936-1988
DE4365/386Land utilisation survey circa 1960
DE4884Marriage register 1979-1987
6D43/19/1Map of part of the Manor of Kirby Muxloe (circa 1727)
DE5322/72Photograph railway station 1959
DE5099Various sale catalogues (Woolley collection) see DE list (incl. 167, 320)
DE8491/734/2Photo of newspaper cutting re tug of war final at Kirby Muxloe n.d.
DE3736Photographs: (folders 1 & 2) Castle ruins (folder 3) Council School; Church; general view of village
DE4674/203Sale particulars-Building land on Station Road and building site on Desford Road 1923
DE4674/205Sale particulars-17 building plots on main road from Kirby Muxloe to Glenfield with plan 1927
DE4674/269Sale particulars of "The Croft", Gullett Lane: building site & pasture land 1929
DE4674/274Sale particulars of building land in Kirby Muxloe 1926
DE4674/333Sale particulars-"Holmewood", Forest Drive 1930
DE4674/334Sale particulars-"Forest Edge" with photos 1931
DE4674/377Sale particulars-"Walberton", Kirby Fields 1930
DE4674/386Sale particulars-"Charnwood", Kirby Fields Est. 1932
DE4674/425 Sale particulars-"Moel Llys", Forest Drive, Kirby Fields with plan 1938
DE4674/509Sale particulars for "The Cedars", Stamford Road & Forest Drive, Kirby Fields 1935
DE4674/516Sale particulars for "Faleide", Kirby Fields Est. 1935
DE4674/518Sale particulars for "Milica", Main Street 1935
DE5877/4-5Maps showing provision of electricity supply circa 1930
DE4674/557Sale particulars, 2 cottages & land on Main St, building site on Fox Lane & land on Desford Road, with plan 1936
DE4674/571Sale particulars, "The Little House", Gullett Lane 1937
DE4674//597Sale particulars for residence known as "Rosedale", 402 Ratby Rd 1938
DE4674/602Sale particulars, Bungalow, 2 Main St 1938
DE5491/660Photograph of safe from which cash & jewellery worth £30,000 was stolen from diamond merchant, Mr Samuel Harding, Kirby Muxloe April "62
DE5491/848/5Photo of police constable on mountain bike-Kirby Muxloe Castle circa 1990s
DE4674/715Sale particulars for "Elsinore" Oakcroft Avenue 1943
DE4939/691Sale particulars & plans - farm, Thorny Fields farm pasture land 24th November 1897
DE 4674/768Sale particulars for "Clydesdale", 11 Gullett Lane June 1944
DE4674/771Sale particulars for No. 4 Barwell Road September 1944
DE4674/774Sale particulars for 3 building sites on Kirby Fields Est; with plan; July 1944
DE4674/1657Sale particulars for building site with frontage to Hinckley Road & small paddock at rear of "Woodhayes" 26 February 1958
DE4674/1862Sale particulars for 13 Barwell Road, 29 & 31 Hedgerow Lane 6th September 1967
DE4674/1899Sale particulars for new development 10 shops with flats to let on Maytree Drive and Cherry Tree Ave. circa 1960s
DE4674/2019Sale particulars of 2 Barwell Rd 1961
DE4674/2309Sale particulars of "Moel Llys" Forest Drive May 1933
DE4674/2310Sale particulars of "Clydesdale" 11 Gullett Lane June 1944
DE4674/2464/38File of correspondence, auction details & plans re "Walberton", Kirby Muxloe May 1930
DE4674/2503/33Poster advertising an auction of building land and a building site in Kirby Muxloe at "The Auction Mart" Halford Street Leicester September 1923
DE4674/2569Sale particulars of "Forest Edge" containing 4 photos March 1916
DE4674/2582Particulars, plans & conditions of sale of the Freehold Building Estate in Kirby Muxloe, part of Winstanley's estate 1879
DE4674/2139Sale particulars of 10 Forest Rise. Jan 1946
DE4674/1671Details of property for sale including property in Kirby Muxloe circa 1950s
DE4939/463Sale particulars with plans of 4 farms in Kirby Muxloe, October 1899
DE4674/901Sale particulars for "The Vicarage", 1947
DE4674/841Sale particulars for "The Towers" Station Road, 1946
DE4674/971Sale particulars for "Boyers Lodge Farm", 1948
DE4674/1024Sale particulars for 16 Main St, 1950
DE4674/1051Sale particulars for 62-68, 72-76 & 80 Main St, 1951
DE4674/1174Sale particulars for building estate at junction Linden Lane & Station Road approx 31/4 acres with plan, 1962
DE4674/1444Sale particulars of "The Links", 1937
DE4674/1445 Sale particulars of "Homestead", Kirby Fields, 1937
D4674/1446Sale particulars of residence on Desford Lane, plot of building land on Desford Lane, 1938
DE4674/1447Sale particulars of "The Castle Farm Estate" with plan, 1938
DE4674/1448Sale particulars of 7 Station Rd and "Westleigh" Forest Drive, 1945
DE4674/1449Sale particulars of "Gairlock" Forest Drive, 1946
DE4674/1450Sale particulars of "Boyer's Lodge Farm", 1948
DE4674/1451Sale particulars of "Lane House" Gullett Lane, 1960s
DE4674/1452Sale particulars of "Alton Cottage" 24 Main St with 2 building plots adjacent, with photo & plan, 1967
DE4674/1453Sale particulars of 9.3 ages of agricultural land at junction of Desford Road & Ratby Lane with plan, 1971
DE4674/1521Sale particulars for "The White Cottage" Kirby Fields Estate, 1932
DE4674/1536 Sale particulars for "Homestead" Kirby Fields, bungalow on Desford Lane & 2 plots of building land, 1937
DE4674/1588Sale particulars for "Silver Birch" Oakcroft Avenue, 1944
DE4674/1625Sale particulars for 29 Main St, 1954
DE4674/981Sale particulars for 9 Church Rd, 1948
DE4674/990Sale particulars for "The Kirby Park Farm", 1949
DE4939/995/1-4Players golf scorecards, Kirby Muxloe Golf Club, June 1942