The following books have been written by one of our members, Judith Upton, and published by KMLHG.

The books in print are available from Kirby Muxloe Library.

Kirby Muxloe - The most bombed village in England

Out of print

Kirby Muxloe - The War Years

Out of print

A Shop for Everything - The Growth of Kirby Muxloe (56pp)

This is available at a bargain price of £2.50 from Kirby Muxloe Library. If you would like a copy by post, please send a cheque for £4.50, to cover postage and packing, to Kirby Muxloe Local History Group, The Lindens, Gullet Lane, Kirby Muxloe, LEICESTER LE9 2BL, including your name and postal address.

In this, the third book in the series, it seems to be the right time to look at the growth of our village from the beginning until the 20th century. In the days before supermarkets, even a small village like Kirby seemed to have "a shop for everything".

Kirby Muxloe - Courage, Commitment and Community

Tales from an English village as it overcame adversity in war and peace (60pp).

This is available from Kirby Muxloe Library at a price of £6. If you would like a copy by post, please send a cheque for £8, to cover postage and packing, to Kirby Muxloe Local History Group, The Lindens, Gullet Lane, Kirby Muxloe, LEICESTER LE9 2BL, including your name and postal address.

We start our book with the First World War. How did it affect our village? We then go on to look at WWII, and in particular, the work of the Air Raid Protection Wardens. This would not have been possible without the donation of the A.R.P. report books for the village, for which we are extremely grateful. We have been given a great insight into the work carried out by the mainly older men and women of the village. There is courage, humour, and dedication throughout the pages.

We also look at the tremendous work carried out by the village people in order to re-build the Free Church, after it was razed to the ground in the bombing of November 1940. Finally, we record, in their own words, people's tales of life in Kirby Muxloe before the advent of computers and smart phones, when children made their own entertainment, not always with their parents' permission !


During the Covid pandemic of 2020/21, we decided to publish monthly Newsletters and send them to our members.

We have now made them available to all by download from this website. They contain articles on local history written by members of our Committee.

Year Month No. Contents File
2020May1Stroll around Kirby - Main St.Newsletter 1
The Archaeology of Kirby Muxloe
What’s in a Name ? (Kirby Muxloe)
VE Day 1945
2020June2Stroll around Kirby - Main St.Newsletter 2
Kirby Muxloe in the Bronze & Iron Ages 2000 – 500 BC
The Wilshere Family of Kirby Muxloe
Spanish ‘Flu 1918/19
2020July3Stroll around Kirby - Main St.Newsletter 3
Landlords of The Royal Oak
“A Load of Old Rubbish” Finds from the moat of Kirby Muxloe Castle
2020August4Stroll around Kirby - Main St.Newsletter 4
Landlords of The Royal Oak (continued)
The Wilshere Family of Kirby Muxloe (cont.)
Kirby in the 18th Century
2020September5Stroll around Kirby - Main St.Newsletter 5
The Wakes
What’s in a Name ? (Local places)
The Loughborough Job
2020October6Stroll around Kirby - Desford RoadNewsletter 6
Quakers in Kirby
A Legal Landmark
The Victorian Rubbish Dump
2020November7Stroll around Kirby - Desford Road & Gullet LaneNewsletter 7
Kirby Muxloe War Memorial
The Bombing of Our Village
There’s been a Murder !
2020December8Stroll around Kirby - Station RoadNewsletter 8
There’s been a Murder ! (cont.)
Christmas Quiz
Christmas Past
2021January9Stroll around Kirby - Station RoadNewsletter 9
Fond Memories : Colin Percy (1929 - 2016)
Christmas Quiz - Answers
Toc H
2021February10Stroll around Kirby - Station RoadNewsletter 10
Who was Simon Pakeman?
The Cresta Run
Memories Of Kirby Muxloe
2021March11Stroll around Kirby - Station RoadNewsletter 11
Kirby Muxloe British Legion
The Modest Clockmaker
Sir Edward Wood
2021April12Stroll around Kirby - Kirby LaneNewsletter 12
Myths and Legends of Leicestershire
The Modest Clockmaker (cont.)
Remembering Bill Hobill
2021May13Stroll around Kirby - Kirby FieldsNewsletter 13
Memories of Sheila Mileham
The Frears Family
William Hastings and the Hastings Family - Part 1
2021June14Stroll around Kirby - Portland RoadNewsletter 14
Frears and Black's Bakery
History - How Does It Work?
The Hastings Family - Part 2
2021July15Stroll around Kirby - Forest DriveNewsletter 15
Remembering Violet Thirlwell and Masie Toon
Forest Edge: The House and Its Occupants
The Hastings Family - Part 3 - 1483 Onwards
2021August16Stroll around Kirby - Forest DriveNewsletter 16
Memories of Rosamond Wilshere
Forest Edge: The House and Its Occupants (cont.)
The Mancetter Road Mystery
2021September17Stroll around Kirby - Forest DriveNewsletter 17
William Wheeler Kendall - Umbrella Manufacturer
Suffering for their Beliefs - Early Baptists in Leicestershire
Holidays Past